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Ad-hoc pragmatic implicatures among Shipibo-Konibo children in the Peruvian Amazon

Martin Fortier, Danielle Kellier, Maria Fernández Flecha and Michael C Frank


Some puzzling findings regarding the acquisition of verbs

Joshua Hartshorne, Yujing Huang and Lauren Skorb


Pauses matter: Rule-learning in children

Anika van der Klis, Rianne van Lieburg, Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng and Clara Cecilia Levelt


Distributional learning of novel visual object categories in children with and without developmental language disorder

Iris Broedelet, Paul Boersma and Judith Rispens


Wishes before ifs: mapping “fake” past tense to counterfactuality in wishes and conditionals

Maxime Alexandra Tulling and Ailís Cournane

2022-12-01 Volume 2 • Issue 1 • 2022 • 306-355

Large-scale study of speech acts' development in early childhood

Mitja Nikolaus, Eliot Maes, Jeremy Auguste, Laurent Prévot and Abdellah Fourtassi

2022-10-20 Volume 2 • Issue 1 • 2022 • 268-305

Parents’ hyper-pitch and low vowel category variability in infant-directed speech are associated with 18-month-old toddlers’ expressive vocabulary

Audun Rosslund, Julien Mayor, Gabriella Óturai and Natalia Kartushina

2022-10-10 Volume 2 • Issue 1 • 2022 • 223-267

Development of complex syntax in the narratives of children with English as an Additional Language and their monolingual peers

Disa Witkowska, Laura Lucas, Maria Jelen, Hannah Kin and Courtenay Norbury

2022-10-07 Volume 2 • Issue 1 • 2022 • 180-222

Predictors of children's conversational contingency

David Pagmar, Kirsten Abbot-Smith and Danielle Matthews

2022-06-23 Volume 2 • Issue 1 • 2022 • 139-179

A demonstration of the uncomputability of parametric models of language acquisition and a biologically plausible alternative

Evelina Leivada and Elliot Murphy

2022-05-09 Volume 2 • Issue 1 • 2022 • 105-138